Research Projects

Application of MRF in Epilepsy

This translational research project is conducted in collaboration with the Epilepsy Center at Cleveland Clinics. We aim to introduce MRF for epilepsy diagnosis to provide more clinical relevant information than conventional MRI protocol for epilepsy surgical guidance

Quantum Optimization of MRF Framework

In collaboration with Microsoft Quantum, we apply the quantum-inspired algorithms to optimize the current preliminary MRF protocol. We want to obtain fast and robust MRF protocols that enable the applications in clinical settings at a large scale, even in places that are only equipped with poorly conditioned scanners

Fast Simulator for Undersampling Artifacts

This toolbox allows fast and computationally inexpensive simulation of aliasing artifacts experienced by highly undersampled MRI images. This toolbox can be useful for MRF optimization and deep learning based image reconstruction

Mechanical Properties of Synthetic Platelets

In my undergraduate career, my research was using the Atomic Force Microscopy to assess the mechanical properties such as stiffness and roughness of various biomaterials, specifically the synthetic platelets. These properties are crucial for proper functioning in human bloodstreams


Imaging-based Prosthetic Hand Control

In this undergraduate senior project, we built a prosthetic hand control system that make hand grip postures in response to the surrounding objects appearing in a build-in camera on the prosthetics